samedi 5 juillet 2008


Thereabouts a half years ago, I almost lose a lover, and the more important thing is, I almost gave my heart to a loser, to you.

Your smile, your oh-so-handsome-face, and the way you cheer me up, everyday and everytime you’re near, I feel full. I mean, okay, you were my biggest temptation. When I felt lost at that time, when I’m in pain, you bring me fly up high. You made me smile. Every single words that comes out from yours, and every song you sing, every little thing you did, every call you made just to wake me up in the morning, and that dinner, with a view of city lights, my favourite one, where we talked a lot about our feelings, do you remember? My mind start to think, maybe you are the one. May be, it’s you, …

. . . Until I find out that you’re just another big mouthed person, the biggest one I’ve ever met. Hell yes, you talked a lot, too much, too bad! Ha-ha!

For all your hanky panky around me, and your sweetness, your every,everything, (though you’re not, you were not, and you will not be my everything) I just wanna say, thank you, gorgeous!

I repeat, thank you!

You made me realize,

It’s better to lose a lover than to love a loser.

No offense, okay? Really nice to know you! ;-)

May be, we could be just a friend, but hey, I can’t promise you. I’m not a sweet-girl enough to do such a relationship-called-being friends, mmm, No, thank’s. I can be really ‘mean’, double-faced, and what-so-ever blahblahblah if I want to. Trust me, I can’t control such a feelings. Sorry, that’s my bad!

But, again, it’s really nice to know you, and all the times with you, I’ll keep it as my good times! :)

X O X O ! ;-)

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

nice display of spirit. well said!

l a r a s ;) a dit…

Thank You, ffe. :-)

-La Vienz- a dit…


kepi, ras? ;-p

l a r a s ;) a dit…

iya vienz. ngahahahahaha.

Anonyme a dit…

uuhhh, so spicy, i think.

l a r a s ;) a dit…

spicy? yes,, i am.. more than u know.. hehehe ;-)