mardi 14 août 2007

a letter to a loser **

Bandung, 14th Agt 07.

i'm sorry to call you a LOSER.
and i'm really sorry for my bitchiness over you.
well hey, you should be grateful i'm not doing anything.
i know you would jump into the deepest trash bin,
whenever you see me.
oh come on, that's just a sarcasm.
yeagh, i'm really sorry, dear you.
honestly, i hate to do this.
to vomit a grudge just a waste of time.
it's just my excessive of energy blazing as you walked into my,
our life.
and yes, i'm getting nauseated each and each day.
look at you, you looked so pathetic.

i repeat, P A T H E T I C !

don't you have any dishonor for every poor thing you did ?
don't you know we were laughing out loud for it ?
how long till you look at your own f***in life,
instead of looking into mine ?
how long till you wake up from your moron dream,
and then you finally oh finally you realize,
he is mine.

and you know what?
i feel REALLY SORRY for you,
poor little girl.*


*teruntuk kamu yang terkutuk,eh uuppss, yang cinta mati sama dia, ayo ah, masih banyak loh cowo lain di dunia. jangan kaya gitu. kasian amat sih.
** waw, si penulis surat nampaknya sangat menyebalkan. tidak ada sakit hati ya, introspeksi diri aja deh.

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