samedi 2 juin 2007

Lavi, Life's A Bitch.

Love As We Know It Pt.2: Life's A Bitch


Her days pass by silently. Why? It's because the love of her life is now faraway from her. Separated by miles and miles of coast and oceans. What could Lavi possibly want, other than being with him at this very moment? How sad.

It's not that her days are completely lonely. She always has friends in her companion everytime she finds herself thinking about him. And of course, college has never been this busy, it could choke her with assignments and stuff. Damn lecturers. But she has no choice, at least that can keep her busy every second and every minute every day.

It's been two months, and she's still holding on.

Her friends admire her for being faithful and all. You know people these days, loyalty is just so hard to find and Lavi has it. What people don't know is how hard she tries to keep strong. But she's tough.

And people just keep getting weirder each and every day.

It's her class mate Idan, who comes with such offer.

"Come on, Lav, you don't know what your boyfriend doing there. It's not quite fair for you. May be he's having fun and you don't know it. You should have some fun too. I'll introduce you to my friend Troy, alright?"

And Lavi just laughs. "Sure Dan, whatever you say." She never means it. But when her girl friends hears the buzz, they were screaming like crazy. Her friend Rinka goes, "Are you kidding me? Troy is like.. fine! If you don't want him, I'll take him."

"Rin, come on. You already have a boyfriend. And it's not like he's in London or anything. He's like.. next door!" Lavi replies.

"Yea, that was just a metaphore. I mean, Troy's so cute.. And he was someone in high school, you know. He was like, bringing samurai to school or sumthin.."

"Are you serious? Haha. You know I totally look for that in a guy!"

The girls giggle. Lavi never means it anyway. Although all her friends keep teasing her about the samurai.

Then comes Yoga. He does nothing that includes beautiful sins for Lavi. But he flirts with her. No, no. He's being friendly with her. Sure, Lavi doesn't see it that way. But Oliv thinks he's flirting with her.

"He's into you," she says.

"No he isn't!" says Lavi.

"Oh, shut up. I can see it, why can't you?"

"Well, he's nice. But he's nice to everyone!"

"Yeah, right."

"And, he uses me as a model for his upcoming project. He's a photographer."

"Hmm. Wondering why."

Lavi's tired. Hmph. Long distance relationship is so hard. She trusts him, and she knows that she will hold on. But people around her just won't shut up.

'Damn. Miss you so, hun..' she writes on the messenger that night.

Hope the wind and the breeze will tell the man she loves just how much he means to her.

( Lavi, written by Olivia)

Ya, Lavi will always be Lavi.
She won't change. At least she tried so hard to do that.
She thank for everyone who always put their trust on her, everyone who always willing their energy to angry with her so does them who are let their tears flow, just to protect her, just to remind her for being Lavi always.
Lavi won't, and really doesn't want to make them dissapointed.
No, she doesn't want someone's hurt or dissapointed by her.
Lavi will always be the one whom they can put their trust.
Because she knows that Lavi will always be Lavi..

to all of my bestfriends, and also YOU,the angel of mine..
*kalian tidak akan kecewa. terimakasih...*

... life's getting harder than it seem ...
and i know i just need to hold on, then let it flow..
... everything comes for a reason, guys ...


(big thanks to vienz who write down the story..)

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olivia, the nobody a dit…

aww.. how sweet that you re-published my writings.. kinda brings back the old memories, eh? hahaha.. Lavi, semangat yaah! ;-)

l a v i . . a dit…

haha.. ayo saling menjaga dalam dunia yang penuh gila ini,rite? ;)

ramdaffe a dit…

hohohohoho...the curse of long distance relationship..
those evil thought :D

ah, masi satu planet ini, cuma beda 7 zona waktu, masi satu hati kan?

*cieeh bahasanya