dimanche 27 mai 2007

so . . ?

so many distraction
too many temptation
taking me into frustation
would you give me any sensation?

no,no,no, you make me swallow mellow
hey, i won't be shallow
hellow fellow, who the hell are you?

ouw, take it slow
just let it flow
and make it glow

before this laughter
also the anger
and the other

just fade away,

easy, don't need your help
they'll hear the clap
made by myself

yes, me arrogant
so, what do they want ?


oh, IT IS MY LIFE . .

1 commentaire:

l a r a s ;) a dit…

oh iya..
foto ini diambil sama abe sebagai fotografer candid..
*tanpa ediatn sm skali kcuali tulisannya
keren be!!
thx yaa :)