dimanche 13 septembre 2009

Karimun Java Rockin' Islands! Best Holiday Ever!

070809. Let's gooooo!

View from the back of our room. This is our toilet, seriously. Cool, isn't it???

Swim with sharks at Wisma Apung.

Hopping island, ready?

Snorkeling, yeayyy!

Our lunch. Fresh from the sea! Best food ever!

Bali? Ehm, what's that? Maldives? Mmm, no thank's. We got it better! BEST!

some random black and white picture, cool, cool.

and some random underwater picture, nice, really nice.

Me and my boyfriend... ;)

It's time to go home... Can't wait to go back there! Miss all the moments already... :)

Snorkeling & Hopping island at West Karimun Jawa (Menjangan Besar island, Menjangan Kecil island, Galeang island, Cemara Kecil island, Cemara Besar island & Tanjung Gelam), + Wisma Apung.

Laras, Fesdi, Erland, Mas Indra, Osi, Odi, Vita, Nurul, Panji, Lambe, Gavy, Fianty, Randy, Abe, Andhang, Bayu, Cici, Tika.

Special thx to : Erland & Mas Indra!

Pictures are from : Mine, Abe's, Andhang's, Panji's, Erland's, Randy's. Thank's, guys!

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