dimanche 20 avril 2008

when you're gone.

and here i am, sitting alone in silent, starring at the blank screen in front of my eyes.
and hoping u're here, greet me with your warmth, silly, lovely words like you used to say.

like we used to be.


but the screen of my computer still the same, it's blank.

there's no buzzing.
there's no greeting.

oh, it's such a fucking hopes...

well, too much hopes will kill me.
should i get a life?

,, should i say goodbye...?

and youknowwhatthefuck the artist of the picture said?

Im sitting here alone
realising your gone
i know i cant change things
i know i was wrong

they all say i dont need you
they all say im better off
they dont understand i love you
yet i never said it enough

i regret what i did
but i cant take it back
wish i could hold you
i want you back
i miss you so much.

hell YEAH.

* credit goes to you. Thank You :)

3 commentaires:

wiydiy a dit…

dalem. miris.

they all say i don't need you
they all say i'm better off
they don't understand i love you
yet i never said it enough

pas sekali kalo dengan playlist bunuh diri saya. hwhw.

r e y t i a a dit…

heuhhh sabar ras. smangat. i know you're strong!!!

Blogspot Indonesia a dit…

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