jeudi 1 janvier 2009

Take a Deep Breath.

It's 2009!

2 0 0 9 !!!

Which means, I'm gonna face my 21th birthday, soon. (well, not too soon, actually ;-p)
This year me like a 21-year-old not a girl not yet a woman...

Gosh, grow up, Laras.

Hope this year gonna be better than before and please come in, a super duper colorful day!
I now this gonna be a cheerful year for me, hope so! :)

Good Bye, a yesteryear-gloomy-year!

I wanna have some MORE rainbow color in my life, now! Yeaaa!

4 commentaires:

Mira Maulia a dit…

happy new year, darl ;)

kiss <33

wiydiy a dit…

have a joyful 2009!


melur a dit…

happy new year 2 u too ras! semoga tahun ini lebih baik daripada tahun2 sebelumnya ya... sukses studio n TA nya nanti, OK?


l a r a s ;) a dit…

Mira : Thanks.. have a wonderful year! ;)

Wiydiy : Iya sama-sama yaa :)

Melur : Amin amin,,doain aja ka'..aminnn! ;)