lundi 15 décembre 2008

10 of me recently.

The tagged said, 10 random fact or habits about me,,, Actually it's more like 10 random of me recently...

1. I've been "busy" lately so that i can't update my blog, eventhough i was desperately want to write such a things from my mind. You know, all this crazy tasks over and over made me hard to breathe in the last 2 weeks, or maybe a month? Not sure. I just wanna have MY LIFE back. Hahaha.

2. I'm officialy in love with TWILIGHT movie, and of course, the best vampire -or guy?- I've ever seen. EDWARD CULLEN knows best! Oh My God, Oh MY GOD. Sounds like abg-labil, huh? But, I don't care. He's gorgeous. G O R G E O U S.

3. I'm on my way making a fashion blog with my bestie, Irene (What are you people gonna say? Hope you like it!). Just wait and see! ;-)

4. I miss my bestfriendS. Hmmm, why oh why I always seems miss them? Come on girls, let's spend a little time together. Don't let our new life (yeaa everyday is a new day,huh?) separate us...

5. There's a lot of novels i DESPERATELY want to read. I bought 4 books last week when Gramedia having a 30% discount for all items, and unfortunately I haven't read any of them yet because my whole precious time is eaten by the crazy 21 credits studio AR 3100. (Okay it's actually only 8 credits but it feels like 21 credits. Ehm. ;p).
What i want to read -and have them by myself, not borrow- are : Tunnels, Twilight (call it so-last-year), Recto Verso (sold out, and I haven't check it again on the bookstore), a new Sophie Kinsella's book ; i forget the title (or maybe it's not a new one anymore since i saw it in a bookstore a few months ago, *sigh), and...many others.

6. I can't wait for HOLIDAY. Hmmm, new year? I'm not really sure that i'm gonna have some fun, cause told you, I always had a bad experience in a new year's eve celebration night. Hahaha...

7. I've a lot of idea in my mind, about everything,
. about my project-wannabe with my friend (he's a photographer, aren't you,hey? Hahaha),
. about making a new movieS, I wanna make a reality-show-movie based on our-architecture-daily-life in Labtek IXB, and also my biggest passion, a movie about airport-things. (Vien, come on, Vien... ;p)
. about D-I-Y stuffs like a 2009 diary, dream book of mine, a handmade shirts and a necklace and so on...

8. I'm a magazines freak. Opposite from my bestie Reytia, she hates girl magz, but i reallllyyy love magz. Not that I like wearing everything in that magazine or to copy-cat everything on it, NO. I hate being a folower. But,,,,I admit it I realllllyy love to read and see everything there. When I read it, it feels like my brain suddenly attack by a new fresh idea about everything. (not only a fashion-thing eventhough the biggets percentation of course come for it,hehe). When I was in a junior high school, i can buy 3-4 magazines in a month! Well, you know, I have a little dream, working as a magazines-people. I don't know what it's like, but I think i'm gonna love it :-)

9. I'm such a moody-emotional girl. I'm pretty nice actually, oh yes, believe me dear. But I can turning very bad, really really bad, like if i face the wrong situation or the wrong people, mmm no, may be the people who want to be a wrong one in front of me. Yes, I'm such a good-biter. It's my nature, so sorry for this ego-istic me (is there such a word? dunno,haha)

10. My biggest passion lately :
1. Fashion (yayaya)
2.Good Movies (not only to-watch, but i have a passion for making it)
3.Europe trip (transiberian rail road...wait for me)
4.British guy. They're SEXY. Is Robert Pattinson a briton? Tell me He is, please. Hahaha! ;-D
5.Holiday, where I can have my life back (hopefully) and doing things include a-seriously-learning for my end of term test. At least upgrading my last test-result which is very STUPID,,,31 for that 3 credits perancangan kota? hoahmmm. :D
6. SHOPPING. I'm dying to buy things from my $, please? I couldn't have those money just stay there in my envelope,hahaha.. Thanks for these economic-crisis which makes 1 $ worth Rp.12.500,- Hahaha peace everyone!

Okay, enough for now. thank's Rey for tagging me, and sorry for this very late posting and messy-languange of mine (well I'm kinda lazy to use a right-english-grammar,,, or maybe i can't write a right and nice one? Hahahaha. Pembenaran, bung! ) Hehehehehe.

Adios ! ;-)

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melur a dit…

i don't blame you on forgetting the new Sophie Kinsella book, because the title is simply: "Remember Me?"


melur a dit…

oh and the book is a MUST-READ! it teaches you that money really can't buy the genuine happiness... ;)

and for #8, you know where to buzz when you graduate whatsoever... rasanya kerja di majalah? hmmmm menyenangkan, bakal banyak ada di luar kantor untuk liputan, lihat-lihat produk (baca: jalan2 ke toko2 lucu haha), n pemotretan... tapi jangan harap gaji bombastis ya, gaji wartawan ya segitu2 aja... hahahaha... hmmmm, sisanya gue postingin di blog gue deh... kapan ya?


l a r a s ;) a dit…

huahahaha iyaaa.. thx for remind me.. yesyesyes ntar beli ah.. :D

#8...yes,sistah! saya akan membuzz anda nanti, kalo gagal jd arsitek..hihihi. masalah gaji,,kynya ga segitu masalahnya kalau kerjaannya jalan2 liputan ini itu. sounds really exciting! dulu saya malah pengen jadi wartawan/reporter tv perang (lebih ekstrim), tp sadar kl suaranya jauh dr microphone voice.. jadi yaudah. hehe.

wah ditunggu banget kak, ttg suka duka kerja di majalahnya...ayo ayo tulis. hehe :)